Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blogging Bandwagon

I have jumped aboard the blogger bandwagon! I decided to begin a family blog to keep the non-Lubbock family informed of the boys' latest accomplishments (or misdeeds!) and feed my photography hobby.

Cory and I are driving to Dallas this weekend to pick up the twins. While I don't relish the thought of a six hour drive, I much prefer it to flying! I will have to remember to bring my Zune as I am sure the radio will  be tuned to sports or the "Bob & Tom" show. We are planning to stop in Dublin to see Coleman & Jett and to finally taste some of the renowned cane sugar Dr. Pepper. When I spoke to Coleman earlier this week and told him we would be stopping in Dublin, he informed me that there was no Dublin...apparently the town is actually named Dr. Pepper, Texas for this week.

Cory is doing well and is getting darker than me.  How does an Irishman get darker than a Mexican? I plan on sneaking in as much sun as I can this year - hopefully I will get close to his color! He has been in a very good mood this past week, which I have the sneaking suspicion it might be because we will get Cayden and Hayden this week :).

I continue to have the horrid weight gain and stomach issues. I never liked taking pills, but I cannot wait to start these again. It is very frustrating to know that I have gained back every pound that I worked so hard to lose in San Antonio. I already planned an aggressive routine that will hopefully ensure a fast but healthy loss.