Friday, July 29, 2011

Ah Revoir

This is the last day that Cayden & Hayden will be with us, until October. We have had so much fun this summer and will miss them immensely.  

Tweety, Coleman's chick
Coleman will be leaving tomorrow too, to go with Papi to Dublin, until school starts. I know that he will be thrilled to see his keet, "Tweety." We are still unsure what kind of bird Tweety is, but he apparently still follows Papi and Gramma around the yard - especially when they are trying to plant seeds! I certainly hope that he is able to remain a pet until he dies and he doesn't end up in the cooking pot for dinner some night. Coleman tried to get us to let him bring the chick home, but thank goodness for the laws against that!  

Coleman & Jett will start school again on August 22nd and although they tell me they are not looking forward to it, I know they will be thrilled to see their friends again. This is Coleman's last year in elementary and I cannot believe how fast he has grown up. Jett will be in fourth grade and we hope this year goes as well (or better) as it did last year. Cory & I are definitely ready for them to be in school again!